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soldiers and drones. The actual decision to build the bombs had come at least five months earlier, in December 2012, when Tamerlan started to buy the components, according to court documents and officials involved in the investigation. Every few weeks he added another piece, following a recipe published by al Qaeda in its online magazine called Inspire. Tamerlan downloaded the article with its easy-to-follow instructions to Make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom, using common pressure cookers. In February, following the recipe, he bought 48 "mortar shells" at Phantom Fireworks in Seabrook, New Hampshire, according to the documents. The gunpowder from the fireworks would give his bombs their punch. Google The Phantom Fireworks store in Seabrook, New Hampshire. Over the weeks Tamerlan also acquired several pressure cookers, two of which were used to house the explosives on April 15. To trigger the bomb, he went to a hobby shop and bought two remote-control devices for toy cars -- one for each bomb -- as had been demonstrated on an online video he downloaded.

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